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These guys are the real deal. I called at 7:30, and they talked me through the selection of a set of tires based on my needs and desires. They called me when the tires arrived; an hour and a half later, I was on my way with four new tires fully aligned. And lifetime rotation is included. Customer for life here!
Recommended? Yes |  by (Fairfax, VA), August 16, 2016
"The integrity speaks Volume" Randy and the crew are truly honest hard working men. They didn't take advantage of my because I was a women with a nice care. The found the problem and fixed it in a fraction of time and cost. They saved me lots of money and time. I was not taken advantage of. Pure and simple, not a lot places stay in business like Weber Tire. Honesty is the best policy. That is what Weber Tire stands for. I have recommended them to various new customers and will continue to do so. Thank You All At Weber Tire Company for being my #1 stop Auto shop!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!
Recommended? Yes |  by , August 9, 2016
I was having a balance problem for a long time. Other shops did not offer much help. Took the car to Weber and they figured out the problem the first time they serviced the car. I'm very impressed with their professional manner in diagnosing and explaining everything. They took a low cost approach to fixing the problem. I'm grateful that I can now enjoy my ride.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Annandale, va), July 15, 2016
I guess I should give more than five stars ! The guys at Weber were awesome .. Thanks to Randy .. Excellent customer service .. My 2002 Honda Accord needed tire, wiper and oil change before the snow blizzard . I took to quick lane in Fairfax before going to Weber . They quoted me 500+ for two tires, alignment , wiper and oil change .. Luckily I didn't leave my car there .. I told them I would come next day morning .. Next day I called Weber while only way to quick lane. I had done research on the local tire centers and Weber always came on top .. When I called in the morning , initially the guy said he would call me in few mins and I waited for 10 mins but didn't receive any calls .. I was torn whether I should take it to Honda dealer , quick lane or Weber . I called Weber after 20 mins of my initial call.. Randy picked up the call and he asked me to come over and drop me back to my place . He was very courteous and I explained my situation .. He said even though they are super busy .. He would get my car fixed ( all my requirements ) .. When I took the car, I asked him about how much would it cost .. He reviewed everything and said in the neighborhood of $300 .. That's $250 less than quick lane .. I was skeptical since most of the car repair guys end up charging more when the actual work is complete .. He called and left me a message around 3 indicating that the work on my car is complete . I was happy for the fact that he didn't call in-between with additional work !! Finally I went around 5pm to pick up the car .. The total charges were $289 .. I couldn't believe .. The car is in great condition .. Thank you guys for your Great service !! I would highly recommend this guy your tires , oil change and basic work on your cars .. Great service and really friendly guys !!
Recommended? Yes |  by (Fairfax, VA), January 23, 2016
This is one of the best places I have ever taken my car. I could tell they were not the type to take advantage of me, someone completely illiterate on anything relating to cars. They gave an honest diagnosis and the price was much lower than I thought it would be! On top of that they did the work lightning fast. I found the place for all of my future car troubles!! :)
Recommended? Yes |  by (Nokesville, VA), January 21, 2016
They answered the phone at 7:15 this morning (open at 7:30) and took my tire for repair and turned it around within 20 minutes. They also helped with some other basic general maintenance on the car free of charge. I will be going back!
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 14, 2015
The appearance of this place might be a distraction to many in the Fairfax, VA area who are used to more namebrand expensive places, but these guys are excellent technicians. I even showed up late by like 2 hours and didn't have to wait more than 15 minutes. These techs are people who actually fix your problem as opposed to just replace parts. I had an issue with my struts. The tech rode around with me so he could experience the problem as well. They showed me what they were going to do by pointing it out and making sure I understood before they did any troubleshooting and a short time later, I was back on the road with no replacement parts needed. I can't thank them enough. I am definitely going back if I have any other troubles.
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 14, 2015
Had a screw in my tire, and all I needed was a patch. Called, and they told me that for tire service, there was no need for an Appt. Walked in, and the man working with me was very nice, filled out the paper work, took the keys, and about 20 mins later the tire was good to go. No hassle, and most of all they didn't bother me with extras. They did give me the heads up that my brake pads were a little worn, and that I should keep an eye on them. I blew it off and when home. I checked later that day, and sure enough they were a little worn. Awesome service, and little hassle. I loved it.
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 14, 2015
Just stopped in today with a screw in my tire on my brand new CX60 less than a month old. They did a patch in about 30 minutes at a very reasonable price. They did a great job without scratches so my car still looks brand new! Good customer service and will return since my other car needs new tires. I have been to at least two other tire chain stores within a mile of Weber Tire and both had long waits, terrible customer service, and higher prices.
Recommended? Yes |  by , December 14, 2015
Excellent service: honest, polite, and efficient!! I needed four new tires, and they recommended some good quality, affordable tires for me--didn't try to sell me the most expensive tires as some chains have done in the past. Installation took less than an hour, and I was entertained by the two resident Cairn terriers while waiting!
Recommended? Yes |  by (Arlington, VA), October 21, 2015
Fast and friendly service! Replaced all four tires at a good price. I'll never buy tires any place else.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Arlington, VA), October 19, 2015
Best customer service ever!! Good service in the city?? What a novelty. Order your tires by 10am and they arive by 1pm the same day. Very resonable prices. Competent and plentiful staff. I will go to Weber for all my car maintnance from now on.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Fairfax, VA), August 27, 2015
They always charge much less than other corporated "tire + lube" shops in the area.
They did 10 years ago and they do now.

I have known this place even before facebook or yelp existed.
This place has been around for 40~50 years I am not sure.
I used to live right by this place, so I have used their services before.

Recently I needed a balancing on one of my tires on a newly purchased used car. So I didn't mind driving 30 mins to get to this place.

And today, my girlfriend had to get a new tire and had to get the front breaks and rotors replaced.

About the tire, I know prices could differ alot by brands and specs. So, we can't have a right comparison because we didn't get quote for same brand. But I had trust in them, so I sent my girlfriend to Weber's.

About the breaks and rotors, they were exactly $110 cheaper than Merchant's quote, even with premium quality parts.

I strongly recommend this place for any of your "car's shoes" needs !!
Recommended? Yes |  by (Manassas, VA), April 30, 2015
I was down the street from Weber Tires and got a flat. After I got my spare on, I called asking if they fix tires and if they had availability. The man who answered was knowledgeable and patient with my ignorance of the process.

Forty five minutes later, my old tire was repaired and back on my car. It cost me about thirty bucks, which I found reasonable given the size of the hole in my tire. I'd certainly go back.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Vienna, VA), March 16, 2015
They contacted me back - and after consulting with them, they were very kind and helpful and did apologize for the tire pressure caps. But that was minor.

So, after some more digging, VA tire in Chantilly messed up my TPMS sensor, I think they screwed it in wrong which damaged it. So Weber Tire tried to fix it. Even though they had all the latest tech, for some reason, my TPMS sensor still went off.

I eventually took it to Honda and had to pay a piece of my soul and sacrifice my first born since I needed it to be fixed ASAP.

The only complaint I have with Weber would be how the mechanic mismatched my tires when I first came to see them. They swapped my driver side front and rear when they inspected my tire and even thought I told them, they didn't bother to do a double check on it. So, I'll minus 1 star for that.

But, they were kind enough to refund me 100%. Randy was very kind about it. They are good honest people.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Centreville, VA), December 4, 2014
This company stands behind their tires. I bought 2 tires from Weber Tire Company and about a month after, one of my tires kept going flat but I couldn't find a leak. I took my car back to Weber and they found the valve stem had a small leak in it. They diagnosed the issue and replaced the valve stem at no charge.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Sterling, VA), December 4, 2014
Really glad I ended up here when I had a flat. Was in the market for four new tires anyway-reliable, fair estimate of both time and money. It is clearly a favorite repair shop for the "working truck". I'd go back here for other work.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Alexandria, VA), July 21, 2014
This place was great! Tire shopping is not exactly someone a girl likes to do. I am a tomboy by nature and I still hate buying tires. I hate spending money on anything that is necessary. I would have much rather taken my money I needed for 4 new tires and gone on vacation or to do something fun. But without tires, you can't get to work and if you can't get to work, you lose your job and if you lose your job, There goes the fun vacation. All my tire research was done over the phone and on the internet. I wanted a good tire at a reasonable price.

The tires were ordered a few days before, they told me just come on in anytime, they do not take appointments. I rolled my eyes on the phone when I heard this. Because what my brain heard was, "come on in Saturday morning and spend the day with us and oh bring snacks it's gonna be a looooong day"

I drove up at a 10:30am on a Saturday morning, they took my car immediately and I went and had an early lunch at Anita's with a friend and when I came back my car was done and I was on the road and I was Happy, happy, happy.

2 weeks later I noticed that i was losing air in one of my tires. Of course everyone I mentioned this to said this bitter cold winter was stealing the air in my tires. Happy to accept this answer from friends and co-workers. I went on with life. It did not take me long to realize it was the same tire that Mr. cold miser was stealing air from. Hmmmm! So now it has been over a month since buying the tires and I had to go back. Yuck!!

After carefully inspecting the tire I realized that my valve stem was loose, Yhep! Houston we have a problem. I was relieved to find out these guys opened on at 7am. That meant I didn't have to sacrifice my Saturday to the UN-FUN worlds. When I walked in after exchanging good mornings, I told the guy behind the counter that I had a faulty Valve stem. He looked at the guy next to him with those eyes men give each other when a woman diagnoses anything that has to do with a car. Which is the real reason I took a star away. Save that look for your girlfriends guys! keep in out of the workplace.

Needless to say they took the car back immediately and had me back on the road. The technician did come out to waiting room and announce "Hey you were right, it was the valve stem" While I appreciated the validation that I am not a moron, I could have gone without the surprised look.

Once again I was back on the road, made it to work on time and have had no issues since and not charge and no one tried to wriggle out of the warranty they just did good business. I highly recommend this guys, even if they are a little chauvinistic they did it in a way to me way comical, like Popeye!!!
Recommended? Yes |  by (McLean, VA), March 1, 2014
When I stupidly hit a curb last night and popped my tire, I did a lot if research to find a reliable place to get a new tire. This place won out, so I thought I'd check it out. When I pulled up, I was skeptical; it definitely didn't look very flashy. There was no one at the check in counter when I walked in, and I nearly left. But I'm so glad I didn't. They were very friendly and helpful, giving me an honest assessment and not pushing me into getting something I didn't need. I was really pleased with the service and the price.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Arlington, VA), February 7, 2014
I was just there to get one tire repaired and front tires rotated to the back and it was only $45 with very little wait time and friendly staff.
Recommended? Yes |  by (Fairfax, VA), January 19, 2014
Reasonable pricing and quick service. I got a pair of front tires. It took them about 20 mins to get the tires on. Definitely recommend Weber Tire!
Recommended? Yes |  by (Cupertino, CA), October 30, 2012
I have a junk removal business with a big stake bed truck that gets treated like an ex-wife. It was in desperate need of a front end alignment and none of my nearby car repair shops were able to handle such a long vehicle. I emailed Weber for a quote around 6pm and got one emailed to me the next morning. They were able to take me that same day took care of the alignment and addition of a new tire in about 90 minutes.

They were all friendly and helpful and the cashier even noticed a mistake on the bill that saved me money even before I had a chance to review it.

I have worked in the hotel business, owned a restaurant and now a new business and I appreciate great service and they have it down!
Recommended? Yes |  by (Arlington, VA), June 7, 2012
I love these guys...when you want fair prices and honest labor...these guys rule...hands down!!!
Recommended? Yes |  by (Gainesville, VA), November 14, 2011